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Why Summer is the Best Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment

The summer season gives us many good reasons to smile! The days are longer, the sun is warm and kids are outside having fun instead of sitting in the classroom. Summertime is also a great time of the year to start your treatment with Bee Cave Orthodontics! Since kids are out of school and many parents have vacations, it is easy to schedule and keep appointments, which we know can be very challenging at other times of the year. Most kids believe there is never a good time to get braces. But, if it is time to schedule that trip to the orthodontist, summer may be your best bet. Aside from the fact that everything is just a little more fun in the summertime, here are a few more great reasons why getting braces is better when school is out!

Treatment Can Begin Faster

Without the need to rush back to school, many times we can start orthodontic treatment on the day of your child’s first appointment. This saves you an extra trip and helps streamline the treatment process. Plus, the quicker treatment starts, the faster your  child will be done with wearing braces, which is something most people appreciate! No homework, no projects, and fewer sports commitments can make scheduling appointments a lot easier for kids— and a lot easier for moms and dads. Plus, with the classrooms closed, missing school is not an issue. During the school year, it is often necessary for parents to make arrangements with their child’s school so they can keep their orthodontic appointments. But during the summer time, this is not necessary which makes starting treatment during the summer months convenient for both parents and kids. It is far easier to make orthodontic appointments when there are no scheduling conflicts with school, athletics, work, meetings, clubs, and other activities. You will not have to pull your kids out of school to make dental appointments. During the summer, there are several weeks free to get yourself and your kids the treatment that they need. It is easier to make arrangements to get them started with treatments such as metal braces or Invisalign.

Easier to Get Used to Wearing Braces

Getting used to braces can take some time, so what better time than summer to get acclimated. Less responsibilities, flexible schedules, and the ability to be at home gives kids a chance to get used to their braces. Plus, it will be easier for them to deal with any initial discomfort, establish hygiene routines, and have easy access to brace-friendly foods. Sometimes it takes children several days or longer to become comfortable and confident with their new braces. When treatment begins during the summer months, kids can make this adjustment more easily. Your kids will need time to adjust to their traditional braces or Invisalign aligners. They may be more stressed if school is in session. During the summer, they can spend time getting to know their orthodontic appliances and will be free to explore a life with a perfect smile. If you have had braces, you know that the days following adjustments can be painful as teeth are tender and you are a little bit uncomfortable. Summer offers time for your child to adjust to the discomfort while at home and not in the classroom. While resting at home, your child will have access to the things they need to remedy this transition, such as Tylenol and soft snacks. During this time, your child will be able to determine which foods to eat and which to avoid. Though you will receive guidelines for eating, everyone is different, so eating habits will vary.

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Summer is the Season for Cool Refreshing Treats

We can all agree that summertime foods tend to be the best. Ice cream, popsicles, watermelon, fresh corn (off the cob), hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta salads and apple pie are the staples of summertime barbeques— and are all brace-friendly! Just remember to avoid sticky, crunchy or hard foods. Summer is the best season for ice cream, smoothies and other cool and refreshing treats. And there is nothing more soothing after a braces adjustment than a scoop of ice cream or a big frosty smoothie. Need we say more?

Growth Spurts Commonly Occur in the Summer

This may or may not be surprising to you, but a child will most likely have a growth spurt during the summer. This has a positive impact on orthodontics for the same reason as why adolescence is the optimal time for orthodontic treatment – when a patient is growing, orthodontic treatment becomes simpler and more efficient. By performing orthodontics on a patient who is going through their maximum growth rate, we can help ensure that the patient’s teeth will be moving into their desired positions in a quicker and more convenient manner.

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Back to School Smiles

By the time schools starts in the fall, kids will be pros at having braces. The adjustment period will be over and appointments will be already set. For those playing sports, we can get kids fitted for a brace-friendly mouth guard so they can spend some time getting comfortable with it.

If you get your child started on Invisalign after they leave school, they will be able to share the results with their peers by the time school starts back up again. Allowing your kids to take the summer as an opportunity to start orthodontic treatment will give them the confidence they need to start the new school year right.

Is it time for your kid’s braces? Then contact Bee Cave Orthodontics today! We offer flexible payment options and accept most major insurance plans. We wish our patients and their families a fun-filled and safe summer season! We are excited to get your kids ready for summer and show them what a perfect smile can be. If you are in the Austin area, stop by our office or give us a call. We cannot wait to hear from you and help give you a straighter and healthier smile!

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